We, at Mind Lease understand the complexities of different industries. Each Industry has its own unique requirements and its own set of challenges. Our commitment to the Industry sector is the best and we deliver the greatest shift in business capabilities.

Mind Lease has established vertical industry practices with deep domain and technology expertise in providing solutions to various verticals. Our domain experts and business analysts have a deep understanding of your industry and collaborate with you to bring best practices and knowledge of emerging technologies that is specific to your business.

We provide solutions that are not only tailored to your current needs, but are designed to help you visualize and build the future for your organization and your industry. This approach allows us to naturally cultivate innovation with you.

We offer industry specific solutions designed for your business success. We streamline your business processes, providing innovative and affordable solutions that are aligned to your business needs, customer requirements and changing market.

Some of the Industries we serve are:

Mind Lease recognizes that to deliver solutions that meet your organization's unique needs, technical proficiency alone just isn't enough. So we focus on a select range of industries, and we bring you not only tailored technology solutions, but deep industry expertise and our commitment to a long-term relationship that helps you achieve and sustain measurable results.


    The automotive sector is an economic benchmark for good reason: through its supply chain, manufacturing, retail and after sales functions it touches on a burgeoning cross section of economic indices. Today, each of these areas is changing with technology. With more than 20 years of experience in the automotive sector, Mind Lease has grown along with its clients and continues to help them respond to and lead change for maximum efficiency, productivity and service.Mind Lease provides IT consulting services to major automotive companies. In that time we've honed our automotive expertise and today face the challenges of the increasingly competitive automotive environment as a fully-functional partner. Open processes and full transparency are the keys to a trusted business partnership and together these allow Mind Lease Automotive Consultants to function as a natural extension to our enterprise partners, to understand the unique challenges of the automotive business, and to respond with industry-specific solutions that lock in efficiencies.


    The Banking and Financial services if one of the foremost industries to leverage Information technology to serve existing and new markets. In today's hyper competitive market, state of the art IT systems are a vital component of their competitive edge. Mind Lease helps Banking, Insurance and Financial services clients hone their competitive edge by delivering rapid response to their requirements of trained, experienced and competent IT staff across a range of specializations. We have teams with expertise in several verticals like Investment Banking, Mortgage Banking, Private Banking, Retail Banking and Wealth Management.


    Over the past decade, pharmaceutical companies have had to navigate a challenging and rapidly changing environment, in which stakeholders such as shareholders, physicians, patients, payers and regulators are creating significant pressures for change. Mind Lease believes that the industry needs a bold new vision and leaders who have the willingness to embrace a fundamentally new approach to their business. Mind Lease technology expertise can ensure pharmaceutical supply chain effectiveness and Mind Lease technology expertise can managing the effective tax rate. Also we maximise revenue growth by optimising commercial operations.


    Insurance Carriers & Brokers face tough challenges from regulatory bodies, industry consolidation, shrinking margins, and shareholders. It is important to optimize processes and operations, reduce cost, improve agent -broker network, and automate compliance checks to improve profitability, customer satisfaction and stay competitive. Mind Lease brings together experience & knowledge of the insurance industry with a powerful combination of tried & tested methodologies. Our expertise rang from project architecture design to delivery across multiple jurisdiction, geographies and software solutions. We have a network of Delivery and Business Process Outsourcing globally to manage large-scale core insurance projects. We bring best strategic thinking, knowledge and innovation.


    The healthcare industry is experiencing an era of dramatic transformation. Regulatory changes, payers, providers, pharmaceutical companies and consumers are all pressuring the industry to address rising costs while elevating the overall quality of patient care. New information demands, overshadowed by legislation to protect our privacy, are challenging current technology organizations to provide more with less. Mind Lease experience with departmental and enterprise level solutions has helped organizations in all of these sectors solve specific challenges while fitting into this new, complex and evolving healthcare industry puzzle. Our holistic view of the industry enables us to work effectively with hospitals, clinical departments and insurance companies to build solutions that provide real time access to patient and clinical information, encourage patient-provider collaboration, simplify mobile information access, enable better analytics and decisioning, as well as streamline core business processes. We help healthcare payers reduce administrative costs through efficient claims payment processing and transaction services.


    For companies specializing in biotechnology, medical devices or other products in the life sciences industry, scientific innovation is driving change at a remarkable rate. In these life sciences organizations, the key to success is transforming great scientific discoveries and research breakthroughs into marketable products. Science breakthroughs come with a tremendous volume of data, research and findings that must be captured and managed. Managing the product and research workflow along with multiple demands from scientists, vendors and consumers can be challenging. We help competitive life science companies manage their research, raw materials, production and quality assurance with great accuracy and repeatability. We also assist companies through the introduction and implementation of new technology to deliver better scientific innovation. Our leadership on these complex issues helps to improve business performance, and includes experience providing production process optimization and business solutions that drive innovation while managing workflows.


    For retailers, success requires using multiple channels to reach consumers, then giving customers what they want, when and where they want it. We also work with clients to make their supply chains transparent; using the Internet; they can share product and marketing information with suppliers and customers. Our in-depth understanding of various industry verticals enables us to provide innovative and end-to-end technology solutions. We leverage our business knowledge with our expertise across various lines of technology, which enables us to bring out the most innovative solutions in every business and technology domain.


    Mind Lease has been developing advanced, feature rich and flexible ecommerce software for a long time now. Our team and talented support staff of ecommerce experts has experience of developing customized software. They design suitable applications and software for our clients dealing in e-commerce industry. We also serve those clients who are starting a fresh in this sector. For fresher entrepreneur, we design and deploy the whole business model from scratch. For those who already have a structure, we analyse their business and apply the required solution.


    Manufacturers are faced with increased global competition, more informed customers, increasingly complex supply chains and the pressure of being first-to-market with the most innovative products. To maintain a globally competitive posture, Manufacturers should quicken their pace with technology, innovation systems and supply chain management. More than ever, manufacturers must respond to consumer preferences, current and future regulations, and global competition. To achieve this flexibility and to remain competitive, many manufacturing organizations are turning to robust technology to unlock the data and business processes based in their legacy applications.


    The arena of technology industry is changing progressively. Therefore, technology companies have to update their working methodologies and business models and processes. They have to adapt themselves and stay responsive to complex customer demands. Mind Lease experts can help the technology companies to manage their processes in accordance with the changing technology trends. Mind Lease technology consultants and their ideas can help companies to update their internal processes and improve their solutions and products. We provide tailored solutions that meet the needs of clients.


    Telecom industry is striving to offer next generation products and services to its customer. In the quest to enhance the competitive edge, Telecom based companies are continuously looking for latest technology and next generation products. Mind Lease possesses strong expertise and helps you in achieving your business goals. Our wide array of service offerings to Telecom Equipment and Service providers makes us competent and preferred partner to our customers. Our expertise in telecom-focused technologies and solutions, Up-to-date Telecom-specific domain certifications and expertise in quality management systems also Development experience in reusable IP components.


    Now a day’s; transportation and logistics companies are facing more challenges than ever before: rising fuel costs, rapidly advancing technology, poor supply chain visibility, increasing environmental concerns, and regulatory oversight, as well as rising global competition. As a result, getting a firm grip on costs and managing margins have become increasingly difficult in such a dynamic market. Our brilliant methodology enables transportation and logistics companies to cut costs and optimize inventory control while boosting customer satisfaction.


    Mind Lease supports modernization initiatives and IT adoption across multiple government entities, for its customers in the Government sector. With a holistic view of the Government’s IT landscape and strong understanding of agency specific business processes, we offer guidance, deep domain expertise and governmental experience through our unique services and solutions. Mind Lease provides Consultancy, Implementation and Managed Operation services to ensure alignment among different IT initiatives and successful deployment of systems. In addition to detailed System Design and Deployment services, we also provide Change Management services to support customers in their understanding and transition to new systems and methodologies.